4 Signs You Should Look For A New Doctor

4 Signs You Should Look For A New Doctor

4 Signs You Should Look For A New Doctor

We all attribute a certain level of trust and respect to anyone with the title of “doctor”. After all, they don’t go around giving out PHDs to anyone who asks! While the large majority of doctors are highly competent and professional, it’s a job just like any other, and there are many practicing physicians who just aren’t fit for the role. Here are four common signs it may be time to find another doctor.

Your Time Isn’t Being Respected

A doctor who doesn’t respect your time goes way past being late, which is to be expected in the medical niche. Of course, you won’t mind too much if you’re given a clear enough timeframe, and kept up to date on your appointment. If you’re told you’ll have to wait an hour for the doctor or schedule a different appointment, it can be a little annoying, but no biggie, right? However, if you’re constantly being brushed off and expected to fit in with the doctor’s schedule, with no clear communication, it can be a sign of a physician who really doesn’t care that much. Also, doctors who are rushing you out the door when your slot comes to an end should be avoided.

They Don’t Talk to your Other Doctors

This is a pet peeve of many people with chronic illnesses these days, and another clear sign that you should start looking for another doctor. Like many, you might have a number of different conditions, and see a different doctor for each one. It’s the responsibility of both your primary physician and your specialists to communicate with one another. If you get a sense that there isn’t enough communication between these parties, you need to ask about it. If the question is brushed off, find a new doctor as soon as possible!

You’re Not Getting Better

Vague symptoms that are hard to monitor are going to be tough for any doctor to diagnose right from the word “go”. Sometimes you have to be a patient patient, and wait for the answers you want. However, if you’ve been following a treatment plan just as you were instructed, and you’re not seeing any improvement in your symptoms, it could be a sign of incompetence on the part of the doctor, or even medical malpractice in some cases. If you bring this up and they’re unwilling to discuss any alternatives, it’s time to move onto someone else.

They Tend to Keep You in the Dark

It’s exceptionally rare for any doctor to intentionally keep their patients in the dark about any health issues they’re experiencing. However, many will fail to check whether or not their patients are absorbing all the information adequately. For instance, after an overwhelming diagnosis, a doctor may interpret a patient’s silence as shock or resilience, rather than confusion. If you feel you’re not getting all the information you need from your doctor, point it out to them and ask them to try being clearer. If it doesn’t improve, then start looking for a new doc.


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