Dealing with Anxiety – 5 Ultimate Things That Will Help

Dealing with Anxiety – 5 Ultimate Things That Will Help

Dealing with Anxiety – 5 Ultimate Things That Will Help

Anxiety can seriously affect the way you live. The internet is available, providing you countless ways to deal with panic attacks. Researchers have found myriads of ways to deal with them throughout the years, and it’s clear that they’ll keep expanding their knowledge.

Pin-Point Your Triggers

For you to get anxious, something must be riling you up. What causes your anxiety is known as your trigger. The easiest thing to do is to identify and stay away from it. A lot of the time, this can be done as you simply don’t engage in topics about it.

If you can’t keep a distance away, identifying it will help you understand your emotions better – you’ll figure out why exactly it causes you so much distress. If you’re thinking about going to therapy, knowing what triggers your attacks is a major chunk of the work done.

Rearrange Your Thinking

Although it sounds drastic, “rearranging” your thinking is not so hard. You need to first identify what causes your anxiety. You will then try and think of it in a better light, lifting the negativity you have towards it. Therapists provide CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy especially for it. You can also try this revaluation yourself.

Something we’re especially fans of is hypnotherapy. If there’s a natural health clinic near you, it definitely offers it. The therapy lets you understand and rewire your trigger while in a total state of relaxation.  Let’s not forget that it’s a cool experience too.

Slow Your Breath

If you feel anxious, taking a deep breath slows your heart down. You’ll calm yourself so that things feel less fast-paced. If you’re about to go into a panic attack, following the 4-count rule is a must. You’ll inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for another 4. By doing this for 5 minutes, you’ll save yourself.


When people think of aromatherapy, they think of an expensive visit to a spa. This is far from the truth – you can take part in it at home. Just grab scents that appeal to you and unwind. They will activate receptors which release feel-good hormones. It helps, but aromatherapy is definitely not a long-term aid.

Supplement Your Diet

Research has shown that specific nutrients can help with anxiety. But it’s a very slow process. It takes up to 3 months for them to do their job. What foods do you consume, though? Dark chocolate in moderation as well as green tea and kava kava. If you’re on medication, the herbal remedies might disrupt its effects– speak to your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Panic attacks are the bane of many people’s existence. As life gets busier, they become more popular. Thankfully, there are several ways to deal with them. If you can figure out what triggers you, staying away from it will help. Unfortunately, this may not be possible, so understanding why it causes you such distress is good. Hypnotherapy will help with this. Aromatherapy is great too, but it’s more temporary help than permanent.

So – did you find our points useful? Which of the above 5 do you think helps the most?



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