The Adventure That is Marriage: From the Lead Up to Beyond

The Adventure That is Marriage: From the Lead Up to Beyond

The Adventure That is Marriage: From the Lead Up to Beyond

Marriage is the first day of the rest of your lives together. It is the first step on an adventure that you will embark on side-by-side, ready to battle any problems along the way knowing that you have on another’s back. It is a trip through the high and the lows, the happy times and strife.

No matter what stage of a serious relationship you might be following finding the love of your life, the joy of marriage is a constant presence that follows you around. Parents will ask when, friends will take bets on what type of proposal it will be, and one of you will find yourself absently gazing at wedding venues and menus without even realising it.


Preparing for everything from the first meeting to the minute before you step along the aisle can be a long, long process. First, you go from seeing each other a lot, spending money on petrol and taxis to each other’s place, then you move in together, and from there, the prospect of marriage is a foregone conclusion.

While never outright spoken about all the time, there are conversations, often late on Sunday evenings when you are just watching the sunset or sitting at the dinner table, where marriage comes up. Over time, these conversations will become more detailed, more serious until one day…


The moment that most girls wait for their whole life. Over however many months you have been together, the little chats and throwaway comments have culminated to this. Following endless searching for the perfect Tacori wedding rings and wedding bands, the question is asked and time stands still, and then everything is transformed.

Throughout history, there have been many unique proposals, but what matters is the question and answer. From here, your lives have changed. It is no longer her and I, or him and I. Instead it is just us. Whichever one chooses to take the driver’s seat, you are now a team, but this is only the beginning.


Getting closer and closer to the big day there are frayed nerves, stress, worry, panic but when it is all said it done, it is ultimately a relief, no matter how you chose a big ceremony or a small and intimate affair. Going forward, you have the opportunity to explore the world, build a family and a legacy, and, most importantly, support one another.

Because that is what great marriages are built on. Mutual respect, support, and teamwork. There will be rough times, but they will not (should not) outweigh the good times. Too often, people believe that marriage is the end of the journey, but in reality, it is only the beginning. From the moment you both say ‘I do,’ you are in it together, so don’t see it as two people fumbling through life together, look at it as a cohesive unit, ready to tackle whatever life may have in store.

The adventure that is life can run parallel alongside the journey of life. An old saying claims that ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together,’ and there doesn’t seem to be a better way to describe the odyssey of marriage than that.


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