Benefits of serviced apartment rentals

Benefits of serviced apartment rentals

Benefits of serviced apartment rentals

Nowadays, most holiday destination places as well as urban areas have the option of serviced apartment rentals. If you are a corporate traveler or someone looking to stay in a new place for a short period of time, renting a serviced apartment comes cheaper than paying hotel bills for the same duration. There are distinct benefits and amenities offered at modern apartment complexes that make such accommodation prospects appealing for travelers.

Furnished and ready to use

Whether you have moved to a town for a short term assignment or are in a new city for some time, the hassle of finding a new place or a hotel with cheap rates is done away with by looking at furnished apartments. Serviced apartments that are offered in different places, including geelong accommodation usually are targeted towards working individuals or groups who need a place to stay for a short period of time. This could be weeks or months or even a year, depending on the kind of assignment or nature of travel.

Amenities for use

Most serviced apartments are akin to suites in hotels that come complete with kitchenette spaces, lounge or sitting areas, carpeted hallways, laundry facilities, one or two bedrooms. However, when you look at serviced apartments among accommodation in Geelong these come at reasonable rates unlike hotel suites. Depending on the tenure of the lease, the rates go down further. Hence, if you are staying for a longer period of time, it would be cheaper and more convenient at serviced corporate apartments. Again, many corporate tie ups with such facilities offer a discounted flat rate for such periods of stay.

Ease of booking and other features

There are several other conveniences that serviced apartments offer. You will get a parking space at such apartment complexes as well as common facilities to use such as lounge areas, coffee shops, playground areas and others. There are many complexes to choose from in several cities and holiday destinations. Many real estate developers as well as private property owners have made such facilities available to private individuals as well as for corporate bookings. These facilities can be viewed through dedicated websites or through real estate sites. Many properties also tie up through travel portals. Hence, you will have several options to choose properties as per area where you wish to stay, looking at travel or transportation conveniences and other factors before you make a booking. Many sites also offer feedback and references from other travelers. These details come in handy when you are making a serviced apartment booking for another city or country.


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