Best Accessories to Decorate Your Home

Best Accessories to Decorate Your Home

Best Accessories to Decorate Your Home

So, you got your favourite furniture and put together and decide a style for your living space. But in order to make any house looks like a home, you need to ad certain accessories to your decoration. This can be various things ranging from adding artworks to your walls or placing little trinkets to fill the shelves is your living room. Read below to find out some of the best accessories you can decorate your home with and how you can match them with the rest of the décor.


There is no interior design style where art does not fit in. Which means you can use artwork in any house without clashing with the rest of the décor. But the trickier part is deciding which artwork goes where?. For example, if you have decorated the rest of the house in a Scandinavian style, add some minimalist abstract art.

In a more traditional house décor, you can use classic landscape drawings or ditch paintings altogether and go for a porcelain sculpture or two. If it is a more contemporary style, you can choose abstract paintings or try out something bold and graffiti one wall.


Rugs are once again becoming a common piece that is used in houses. They add a unique look to your living spaces while also giving a comfortable feel to your feet when you walk barefoot inside the house. Rugs also come in various patterns and designs so you have the choice to choose one that matches the rest of the house.

Choose plain colours for a modern or contemporary style house. Use a you can choose more bold patterns for an industrial space or a traditional home or even a more eclectic home. If you are going with minimal colours like in a scandi or mid-century modern style.


If you want to add more personalised décor to your house, personal collections are the best thing. If you are a collector, then why not use your collection to accessorise your home? For example, music fans may have CDs or vinyl records. Movie’s fanatics may have collections of posters treasured over time. Bookworms can add their books in a large display shelf instead of packing them away inside cupboards. If you are a traveller and have various ornaments, memorabilia and souvenirs that you have collected, you can add them on shelves in your kitchen or living room.


Flowers or houseplants decor is another thing you can add as part of your decoration. Not only do they look beautiful but also have health benefits. Studies have shown that certain plan varieties neutralise harmful chemicals in the air. Have a potted plant or flowers in a vase and you will also experience a better mood around the house. There is a vast variety of plants and flowers that you can have indoors but if you want a better opinion you can always ask your local florist in hawthorn for good choices.

Home accessories are the final touch that completes the overall look of your home. So, make sure you choose wise.


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