Budget Traveler? Here Are The Most Affordable Destinations

Budget Traveler? Here Are The Most Affordable Destinations

Budget Traveler? Here Are The Most Affordable Destinations

Just because your bank balance doesn’t look so healthy isn’t a reason why you can’t go traveling. In fact, there are various ways you can keep your travel costs down to a very minimum – I’m sure you’ve already seen lots of blog posts from other bloggers with many great tips and hacks for budget travel. But do you actually know which are the most affordable destinations to travel to? This is where this blog post comes in! I’ve researched some of the cheapest destinations around the world so that you can keep your costs down even further.


Lots of travelers and seasoned backpackers already know that Southeast Asia is a fantastic destination for cheap travel. Most will head straight to Thailand but, as this country is becoming increasingly more tourist-focused, you might find that the prices have already started to rise. However, this isn’t the case in Vietnam which doesn’t feel like as much of a tourist hotspot just yet. You will be amazed at how little you spend on accommodation and food!

South Africa

Traveling to South Africa used to be quite expensive because of pricey flights and paperwork. But now flights and visas are a lot more reasonably priced. Not only that, though, but international health insurance plans won’t bankrupt you either. Think South Africa is only fit for those who want to go on exclusive safaris, though? That’s not the case! Once you are there, you will find lots of budget-friendly safari tours. Plus, eating out in the main cities is also surprisingly affordable.


Once upon a time, there was no way any Westerners could travel to Cuba because relations between the country and the US were so hostile. Thankfully, the two countries now get on a lot better, and Cuba is a lot more open to tourism. It’s a good idea to book your Cuban trip now before all the extra tourists start to cause prices to rise. Dancing the night away in the Salsa clubs in Havana won’t cost the earth, and you will also be able to spend cheap days on the many beaches.


Looking for a cheap European trip? Then you will love traveling around the Czech Republic, especially the capital city Prague. Sure, this city is swarming with tourists, and you might bump into a few bachelor parties but, surprisingly, this hasn’t bumped up the prices. In fact, you will be able to eat out very cheaply indeed, with some restaurants even offering a three-course meal for the equivalent of €10. You will also be able to find some incredible deals on hotels and hostels. Want to bring down the cost even further? Then book an Airbnb! You will also find that there are lots of free things to see and do in the city. In fact, you could easily fill a whole day wandering around the Old Town.

Travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially when you go to one of these affordable destinations! You might even come home with leftover cash!


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