Why a Career in Fitness is the Best

Why a Career in Fitness is the Best

Why a Career in Fitness is the Best

There must be literally hundreds of reasons why people choose to make their living in the fitness industry. Some love sports and fitness so much that they want to spend their days doing it; some have a burning desire to help other people change their lives and meet their goals; and others have life changing experiences that change their whole outlook on life – it really is a mixed bag, but here are some of the most compelling reasons why a career in fitness really is the best:

You Get to Live Your Passion

Most of us want to do a job we love. We want to get up every morning with a spring in our step knowing that we’re going to getting out there, putting our passion into practice yet again. If you’re a personal trainer, sports coach or yoga teacher, you can do that. I mean, you actually get paid to do the thing that makes your heart sing. It doesn’t get better than that!

It’s a Growing Industry

As we, as a species, become increasingly concerned about our health and longevity, there are more opportunities to make money in the fitness industry than ever before. In fact, it’s one of the fastest industries there is in many parts of the world right now. So, whether you have a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, a certification in Yoga or a Diploma in Sports Massage, if you’re looking to make a good living, or grow a business, the fitness world is the place to be right now. Even if you don’t have any formal qualifications, setting up a gym or retraining as a personal trainer could be a good move.

You Keep Fit

If you work in the fitness industry, it’s almost certain that you, yourself will stay fit too because you’ll be out there leading classes, demonstrating proper technique and working on new routines. At a time when so many people are becoming overweight, unfit and sick from spending 8+ hours a day at a desk, this is a definite advantage!

You are Your Business

Most people who work in the fitness industry are self-employed, and that means they are their business and they can set their own schedule, turn down work they’re not interested in and feel free to travel if they so desire. A fitness career represents, for most people, an increase in freedom and a way of getting out of the rat race for good.

You Help People

Whether you’re a sports masseur, kinesiologist or personal trainer, the work you’re doing can and does changes lives. You meet a client who’s overweight, depressed and demotivated and you turn them into a lean, confident happy individual; or you meet an athlete who’s in too much pain to compete and you help them heal so that they can get out there and do what they love again. You help people when they need it most and that makes a career in fitness one of the most fulfilling there is.

If you haven’t taken the leap and joined the fitness industry yet? What’s stopping you? Follow your dreams and change your life – it’ll be the first of many!


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