Choosing a Panama Hat: A Simple Guide

Choosing a Panama Hat: A Simple Guide

Choosing a Panama Hat: A Simple Guide

Choosing a Panama isn’t the same thing as choosing a pair of socks. There’s quite a bit that you will focus on so you find the perfect one for you!

Personal Preference

Everyone has got their preferences and fancies of their own, and exploring them is what fashion is all about. As for hats, things do get a bit tricky, meaning that it can be quite a tough one finding one that you like, and one that suits you well.

The thing is, when it comes to fashion, sometimes, what you like may not always be what suits you best. This may be true when it comes choosing a hat, too. Thus, while you have a set of preferences, you also need to make sure you pay attention to the following at the same time.

Face Shape

If you did some research about how to pick a suitable har, you would see that one of the first factors you will look into is the shape of your face. This truly could make an essential difference on the way a particular hat style, or any head gear for instance, will make you look. If you have a rounder face, you may want to opt for a certain type of hat, and so a certain style. On the other hand, those with narrow, longer daces may opt for one that is slightly different.


Fit is important. It is in fact, the most important element where hats are concerned. It wouldn’t make sense if you found your favourite hat, but it did not fit you properly. Suppose you finally found the specific style you’ve always been looking for, but it did not seem like the perfect fit when you tried it on at the store, you may want to keep looking a little more instead until you find one that fits perfectly – because that is important!


Colours do matter when it comes to choosing outfits, clothing and accessories. Genuine handwoven panama hats however, come in lighter tones because they are made from natural straw. Nevertheless, you may find hats that come with attachments like ribbons or so for instance, in various colours, too. If you are looking for one that you could wear casually, to just about anywhere, you may want to opt for one that looks more neutral, in terms of colour.


Quality is an obvious quality that is usually found by default in any Panama hat. Nevertheless, it also depends on where you buy your hat. Getting one from a genuine store will ensure the level of quality and durability that a Panama hat should ideally possess. Thus, if you are looking for a hat for serious use, you may want to get it from a proper store that sells completely genuine stuff.


You may want to keep in mind the kind of occasion or occasions that you want to wear your Panama to. A classic may be great to wear to any kind of occasion, while exclusive styles or special ones may be more apt to wear at certain special occasions. No matter what you pick, just make sure you choose right!


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