Cities Every Art Fanatic Must Visit

Cities Every Art Fanatic Must Visit

Cities Every Art Fanatic Must Visit

If you have a love for art and a passion for paintings, then travelling around Europe must be your biggest dream. Although there are many other cities around the world that are famous for paintings, nothing can beat the history of Europe. As the center of renaissance, many cities thrived in art. Listed below are some cities that definitely deserve to be on your scrapbook.


If you are looking for superlative architecture and high-end art galleries, then berlin must be your first stop. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the country renovated most of its arts venues in order to attract visitors. One of the biggest attractions of the city include Museumsinsel, which is a place that consists of five museums with world famous paintings. There are also museums that are dedicated for holocaust paintings. Most works do not just represent German culture, but they also symbolize general European culture too.


As you may already know, Florence was the origin of many world famous artists in European history including Michelangelo. It is the home of prestigious paintings, sculptures, buildings, frescos and altars. As the birthplace of the renaissance movement, it includes many famous creations of a number of artists over multiple museums. If you love art, you will definitely get overwhelmed by the things you will discover in this city.


The art of London is much similar to the city. It is modern and majestic. The city holds over 200 art galleries and museums that depict the works of various artists. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, you will definitely feel satisfied with what London has to offer. The British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Britain hold some of the most prestigious works of Da Vinci, Turner, Constable and many more artists. The recently opened ‘Museum of Everything’ depicts outsider art collections including paintings that are considered to be odd and surprising.


Paris is to known to be city that is dedicated to art. It is every art lover’s dream to visit this city not only because it holds some of the best museums in the world, but also because Paris has been an inspiration for many artists around the world. The Louvre museum, which was previously a palace, holds the most prestigious creation of Da Vinci – Mona Lisa along with other 35,000 paintings. The city is the home of French impressionism and thus holds many creations that depict this style of painting.

Thus, if you are planning on visiting Europe, do not miss out these cities. Visiting them will definitely make you fall in love with art all over again.

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