Create a Beautiful Journal with These Decorating Tips

Create a Beautiful Journal with These Decorating Tips

Create a Beautiful Journal with These Decorating Tips

Journal keeping is one of the best ways to be organized and stay on track of everything that you need to do. Whether you have a hectic schedule or not, having somewhere to list everything that needs to be done helps a lot so you don’t miss anything out. You can use a simple notebook for this one but it is better if you go for the bullet journals since they are already designed to list things in an organized manner.

If you’re tired of looking at your plain old journal notebook, there are easy ways to spruce it up. You can even go for luxury handmade journals that look perfectly stylish and at the same time has all the essential features of a great journal. If you simply want to style up your old journal, here are some of the quick ways to do it.

Apply Calligraphy and Brush Lettering

Calligraphy and brush lettering just looks so beautiful on almost anything – from notebooks, signs, and even on your journal. First, get a quality calligraphy kit to achieve those beautifully written letters. Then, you can start practicing your calligraphy skills. You can find some good tutorial videos online or you could even take a short calligraphy course if you’re planning to be more advanced on this skill.


Another simple way to beautify your journal is to use stickers. There are two types to choose from – functional and decorative. Functional stickers are those you put on to serve a purpose, like for headings or list icons. Instead of using your plain handwriting for these items, you could use a sticker to make it look more stylish. Decorative stickers serve one purpose – to make your journal look artsy and add style to it. You can even choose a theme for your stickers for a harmonious look in your journal.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a popular item that is commonly used with paper craft. They are those beautifully printed adhesive tapes that you could use either to stick something or for decorative purposes. It adds colour into every sheet where you stick them, perfect to beautify every page of your journal. You can use it as a page border, background for headers, attach sticky notes, and many more. There are definitely a lot of things you can do with this simple item.

Coloured Pens

This is probably the easiest way to add more colour and life into your journal. Instead of using a regular ink pen when writing into your journal, use coloured pens instead. Every page won’t look plain and boring anymore when you use different colours for your entry. You can even stick to a colour scheme per week if you want to be more creative in your journal entries.

Your journal is one of your daily buddies that’s why it is important that you don’t get bored looking and reading it. Try out those journal decorating tips and see which one you like the most.


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