Don't Recline! Physically & Mentally Fight The Decline!

Don’t Recline! Physically & Mentally Fight The Decline!

Don’t Recline! Physically & Mentally Fight The Decline!

For a lot of us, thinking that getting more forgetful and physically weaker is a sign we are getting on in age. However, the fact is that while we think we just need to grin and bear it, we can find suitable methods to prevent any sort of age-related decline. Regardless of our age, we all feel that we are unable to fight Old Mother Time, but when it comes to making sure that we are physically fighting fit, as well as mentally, there is a multitude of options we can use to our advantage.

Physical Decline

This isn’t just something that comes with old age, it’s something that we will experience gradually throughout our lives. The importance of an excellent diet in this respect is one piece of the puzzle, but you need to make sure you have the right nutrients for maintaining your strength. The lack of important nutrients like calcium and vitamin D means that our bones can gradually get weaker, and while there is some debate on the effectiveness of supplements, the difference between choosing a calcium supplement that is derived from rocks in comparison to one derived from plants has shown an increase in its effectiveness on the human body. A brand like Algae Cal has had positive reviews, but if you have any concerns about the side effects of supplements like this, you can look at the AlgaeCal plant calcium side effects and come to your own conclusions whether they are going to benefit you or not. It’s also important to remember that combining calcium with a fat soluble vitamin like vitamin D is going to have a much better positive impact on maintaining strength.

It’s also vital to make sure that, in addition to standard weight bearing exercises like walking or sprinting, you should introduce resistance training into your workouts, which has been shown to be a better way to lose weight over cardio. Resistance training, such as lifting heavy weights, has been shown to increase strength and bone density, and there have been numerous positives on your brain health too.

Mental Decline

The fear of developing a condition like alzheimer’s or dementia is something we all are prone to worry about from time to time. And regardless of our age, we are all liable for our fair share of senior moments. But the importance of keeping blood flowing to the brain and developing neural connections are argued by scientists to be causes of age-related memory loss. The most common forms of keeping your brain active are very simple. In addition to aerobic training exercises for approximately 45 minutes, 3 times a week, research has shown that taking essential vitamins like vitamin C, B6, B12, as well as folate is a handy insurance policy.

But the big thing to take away from this is that you need to keep your brain active. There has been information to show that cognitive decline sets in when people stop driving, and this is a fascinating insight into when we appear to mentally “give in.” So keeping our minds active appears to be the key. And whether this is learning new skills, from dancing to a new language to completing that daily Sudoku puzzle, the research has shown that the more frustrated you are when it comes to learning something, this is, in fact, your neurons are strengthening their connections. So while you may consider learning a new task frustrating, this is having a beneficial effect on your brain overall!

Preventing decline physically and mentally is a marathon, not a sprint. So by implementing effective habits into your lifestyle, rather than trying to cure it at the last possible moment, this will be the key to longevity in a physical and mental sense.


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