Easy Ways To Get Faster Wedding RSVP's

Easy Ways To Get Faster Wedding RSVP’s

Easy Ways To Get Faster Wedding RSVP’s

One of the biggest headaches faced by couples who are getting married is guests who fail to RSVP. While it can be easy to forget to respond to an invite, it can cause a number of issues along the way. It stops you from making arrangements such as how much food or seating you need at your reception. Guests could turn up unannounced on your big day which can affect seating arrangements. The list goes on and on. Thankfully there are things you can do to get a quicker and more efficient response from your wedding guests. Take a look at these examples to find out more.


Provide multiple options

A popular option is to give your guests multiple ways to respond to your RSVP. Some might prefer to reply through snail mail, whereas others would prefer to respond over email. Giving them a choice will help make their response to your invitation quicker and easier. So encourage your guests to choose the option that suits them best. This will, however, require you to stay organized and on track. You’ll have multiple responses coming from different sources, so you need to check them all each day. Otherwise, you could miss their RSVP along the way. Keep your spreadsheet up to date and get into the habit of checking each source regularly.


Set a deadline

Giving your guests a deadline is one of the best ways of getting a quick response. It adds some urgency to the RSVP, and the majority of your guests will do their utmost to stick to the date you have chosen. Your deadline should ideally be included on your invitations when you design them. Visit Pure Invitation for personalised wedding invites or head to a stationery store to start the design process. Make sure all of the relevant is included and easy to read. Alternatively, you can let your guests know when the deadline is through text or email. Make sure you choose a realistic date that gives your guests enough time to respond. Once you have sent your invites out you, then need to create a spreadsheet on your laptop or phone. This will help you keep track of who has replied and who hasn’t. This will be particularly important in the week leading up to your deadline.



Send a follow-up email

Each of your guests have multiple things going on in their busy lives. So it’s hardly surprising that your wedding is not always their main focus and priority. While many of them will hopefully respond promptly, others might need reminding. In the weeks leading up to your deadline, send a friendly reminder to these guests via email. Ask how they are and whether they are able to attend or not. This will jolt their memory, and they can quickly let you know either way. If they don’t reply to your email after a few days, you should give them a call. Just remember to be understanding and not too forceful.

With these techniques to help you, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the quick response you desire. This will help you to plan the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of.


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