Get Your Failed Resolutions Back On Track

Get Your Failed Resolutions Back On Track

Get Your Failed Resolutions Back On Track

On paper, New Year’s resolutions are such an amazing way to get yourself motivated for the year ahead; to shed the habits you aren’t keen on and embrace the little and big things that have been bubbling away at the back of your mind for however long. Unfortunately, though, when it comes to keeping our resolutions, people fail so spectacularly (usually within the first week or so) that it has actually become a cliche. You tell people what you are planning to do with the caveat of a little smirk as if to say you know you probably won’t be able to keep it.

That’s how it goes. You say you’ll have a dry January, but Friday night’s and people’s birthdays don’t count or, you’ll get yourself in financial shape, but existing debts aren’t included, or you’ll stop getting fast food, except for a hungover McDonald’s. There is almost this notion that you’ve given up before you started because your expectations are unreachable, so you may as well stop trying now.

However, with the right attitude – yes, we said the word attitude – you can find yourself actually achieving the New Year’s resolution you have already given up on, and here is how:

  1. The Secret Of Self-Esteem

You are not going to achieve your goal if that little voice inside your head is constantly saying you can’t. Success just won’t work under those conditions. With that in mind, your first step should always be boosting your self-esteem, feeling good about yourself and using this to motivate the change you have in mind.

  1. Definition Is Definitely Needed

One of the main reasons why resolutions fall flat on their face and never get up again is because your goals are too vague in the first place. Saying you want to get out of debt is too vague. Saying you are going to speak to debt settlement companies and come up with a plan of attack, however, is going to work wonders. It gives you more direction. It gives you a plan. It will give you steps to success and that is a really powerful tool.

  1. Forget About Happiness

This may sound like the worst advice you have ever heard because happiness should be the reason why you do anything, and you are right. What we mean is, don’t go around thinking you will be happy when X, Y, Z happens. Don’t make that mistake because it just won’t work. This is called future-dependent happiness and it doesn’t work because it means you are neglecting what you currently have and what you have that may be able to help you achieve what’s on your mind.

  1. Fantasies Are Not Welcome

It sort of links to the whole definition thing, but goes way beyond that too. A few days ago, we were riding the subway when we heard two guys talking about this whole resolution thing and one was saying to the other that he hoped to find true love and get married this year. It was sweet and it was nice that he had the self-confidence to chase true love. But it only works if you are honest with yourself and you know what you are looking for. You can’t say you want someone who smells like Orlando Bloom, is 6 feet five, makes $270,000 a year and wants to live in Wisconsin. Life is about compromise and life is about being realistic. Remember that and you’ll be fine.


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