The Health Checks We Forget About

The Health Checks We Forget About

The Health Checks We Forget About

Staying in shape is one thing, eating healthy is another, but changing your life by properly monitoring every part of your body? That’s another thing altogether! Changing your life or sticking to your resolutions is completely fine to plan out and get stuck into, but if your health is waylaid by these, you might want to reevaluate. On the other hand, if you’re looking to brush up on your health for this year, or you had a bout of sickness during December (we all do!), you might just have health at the forefront of your mind.

Check Out Your Ears

Your hearing is one of your five senses, and is just as important as touch and sight. So we regularly go to the dentist and the opticians to get our mouths and eyes sorted out respectively, but what about your ears?

We can have a lot of questions about what our ears are doing: you might think you’re losing your hearing, or there’s something wrong with your ear wax, or is it OK to remove your hearing aids? You can do a quick check for yourself, but it’d be best to visit your doctor if you have a persistent problem, like ringing in your ears or pain in general that’s lasted a while.  

Get Your Joints Checked

A lot of people underestimate the wear and tear a body can go through, and usually pin the signs of arthritis on the older generation. However, you could even be in your 20s and have aching joints if you’re not used to physical exercise! So with that in mind, it’d be a good idea to get your joints checked out when you can; they keep us moving and shaking as long as we keep them in good condition, but how exactly can you check your joints out?

You can of course take stock yourself, as you know what hurts and what doesn’t, and what feels and looks right when you’re just eyeballing your body. If you know something is absolutely wrong, it might be worth a visit to the doctor in general. If not, pay a visit to a chiropractor, to make sure everything’s in good form.

Make Sure You Feel Good

And not in physical terms, as emotional and mental wellbeing is essential for a happy life. We don’t think of how we feel as something we can get checked out, or something we even need to sort through, but it’s often the most important thing we can do for ourselves. If you haven’t paid attention to your past experiences and how they’ve shaped you as a person, now’s the time to do so.

Don’t be afraid to contact a counsellor and get some therapy if you need to; there’s no situation too small for you to talk through with a professional if it has affected you.

There was some of the more forgotten health checks to make for yourself to keep you in tip top condition for another year to come!


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