How to Get the Garden of your Dreams

How to Get the Garden of your Dreams

How to Get the Garden of your Dreams

Gardening may have always been your passion, but are you doing it right? Or looking at it from another point of view, are you physically up to it? Most of you will really get the time to focus on your obsession only after retirement from an active life. Hobbies like reading, travelling the world or maybe philately do not require a great deal of physical exertion. Not so with gardening. It demands its quota of labour if you want it to be what you have always dreamt of. This is one reason why you should contact a tree arborist, not only to advise and direct you on what’s best for your patch of green but also to take the strain off your shoulders.


A word of caution though! Remember it’s your dream garden. It is alright to take the help of an arborist to make it come true but the basic plan and approach should be yours. Let the arborist guide you with technical advice and what would make your garden look beautiful. But the final call must be yours. Arborists, being trained and qualified in this field will have the natural inclination to steer you towards what is generally perceived to be an aesthetically pleasing plot of land. But you should insist on the final looks being totally as per your specific requirements.


However, there are a few tips that you can follow to be sure that you are going in the right direction:

  • Remove any old and decaying trees – Apart from being an eyesore, old trees and decaying trees are hazardous for the surroundings. They can topple over in high gale and storms, causing damage to property below. Have all such trees removed and contact an arborist for the job even if you are the DIY types. Tree care agencies use special equipment for tree removal in the least possible time regardless of the size of the tree. Most importantly they will immediately have the stump removed too. Grinders employed by them can turn the stump to mulch in no time and this can be used by you in your garden. The stump will be removed from its roots and you can utilise this patch to put in colourful flower beds or re-turf it as a lawn for having sizzling barbecue parties in summer.


  • Periodically take up tree pruning and trimming – This is a very important aspect of tree care and the surest way to make your garden look exactly as you want it to be. Here too, contact a reputed tree arborist to do this work for you. Attempting to do it yourself might result in branches and limbs falling and damaging yours or neighbouring property. Arborists can give a definite symmetrical shape to all the trees perfectly, thereby enhancing the beauty of your garden. Further, through crown thinning of dense canopies, they will ensure that your garden gets more sunlight streaming down to the ground. This is a very technical and risky work, best left to those trained in this field.


  • Caring for fruit trees – Not all gardens have fruit trees, but if you want to have a number of them and enjoy bumper yields year on year, take expert opinion of arborists. There is nothing more satisfying than watching buds turn into fruits before your eyes and then enjoying their taste and flavour. But keep in mind that fruit trees have to be given greater care than ordinary plants. Have them only if you feel up to it, but if you decide so, they will definitely take your garden to the next level.

There might be a lot of other ideas that you might have for your dream garden but follow these basic tips and you cannot go wrong.


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