Importance of Being Trauma Informed

Importance of Being Trauma Informed

Importance of Being Trauma Informed

Trauma informed care of a new patent centred care method that is being widely employed today – both inside and outside medical care fields. But what is it really? What does it do? And how does it help a person get better? To find out the answer to all these questions, keep on reading the following.

What is Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma informed care is an approach that can be used by medical professional when treating their patients. In this method, the professionals will take into consideration the past trauma that the patients have undergone and perform the diagnosis, care and treatment based on that. This will also help other professionals outside the field of medicine like teachers, police officers, fire responders handle many of the situation they face in their work.

Who Can Have Trauma Training?

This is not a kind of training or aware ness that can be limited to anyone. Many people can get benefited from this training, both by learning and by listening about it. Apart from those in medical field, this is an approach that can be used by professionals such as teachers to identify their students better, fire respondents to help victims, police officers to help victim of crimes etc.

Who Needs Trauma Informed Care?

Those who need trauma informed care can be any person of any age, gender and family background. These can range from people who were victims of human trafficking, accidents, domestic violence, child abuse, death of a close relative/ friend, sexual assault victims, victims of bullying are some who needs this type of care. It is very important to be able to understand their physical, mental as well as emotional condition before treating them.

Why Have Trauma Training?

Trauma can be experienced by anyone. When it comes to school systems, a trauma tic experience can cause a student to withdraw themselves from their studies or show risky behaviour. Teachers who are able to help them can direct them towards better treatment options and help the students in overcoming their issues and preventing problems such as dropped grades, depression and anxiety.

Those who are in law enforcement or working as fire respondents will be able to identify the state of the victims or other citizen, they interact with by simply identifying their trauma. Medical care professional will be able to diagnose health conditions better or have a better understanding about the condition of their patients with this kind of training.

How to Improve Trauma Care?

The first and foremost step in improving trauma care is to educate the necessary parties who will be dealing with trauma victims in trauma informed care. This can be done by simply signing up with an institute that offers trauma training services in Melbourne for example. Experts on psychotherapy and trauma related care also suggest that making training mandatory for the relent parties such as medical care professionals, teachers, police officers and fire respondents as well as other parties such as volunteer groups who help with trauma victims. Awareness programs can be carried out at school level, community level, or at work places to inform the necessary individuals about trauma care and its importance.

A good training in trauma informed care can do a lot of benefits. This can even result in preventing or lessening the cases of substance abuse, depression and anxiety, disabilities, work performance/ school performance issues etc.


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