Planning a Trip with a Disability – 6 Ultimate Tips

Planning a Trip with a Disability – 6 Ultimate Tips

Planning a Trip with a Disability – 6 Ultimate Tips

Travelling with a disability can seem intimidating, but it’s not impossible. There is a couple of points to consider that will make your trip easier, and we discussed them below. Keep reading.

Make Proper Arrangements

Speak to the hotel you want to stay at and inform them of your special needs. They should make arrangements to accommodate you. Also, book the appropriate taxi services to take you to and from the airport, as well as across the city you are visiting.

You’re advised to plan your vacation ahead of time, as you’ll be able to research and make the best arrangements. Also, speak to local disability groups to see what they recommend. You might be able to find a few on Facebook.

See a doctor

See a doctor before your trip. He would be able to tell you the best tips to do keep yourself comfortable while travelling. You might have been seeing a physician for your condition for a while. It will be the smartest to see him before you travel, as he’d be able to offer the best advice.

Emergency Numbers

If you plan carefully, yes, you will face fewer issues. However, you’re still advised to carry emergency numbers; you would know who to contact in case things go wrong. Probably the best number to have would be a local hospital. It will be a good idea to save your embassy’s number two.

Of course, save the contacts of any friends or family in the city. They can come and help you if you need it.

An Emergency Kit

While on the topic of an emergency arises, it’ll be smart to have an emergency kit. Fill it with extra prescriptions so that you’d eliminate unwanted visits to the doctor.

Also, you might be using a wheelchair or clutch. You might need to repair them, so bring a tool kit for this.

Of course, having a first aid kit, regardless of if you have a disability or not would always be useful.

Find Disability Events

Research the best places to see and things to do beforehand. Some tourist sites may unfortunately not be suitable for your condition.

A must for your itinerary is to find any disability friendly events in town. You’ll have a fun time, and these events would be the most accommodating.

Confirm Special Reservations

As mentioned, you should make special reservations for traveling and accommodation. Double-check them before you travel, in case the reservations weren’t made. Always call 24-48 hours in advance.

It might be a good idea to travel early too, as this gives you the time to sort any miscommunications in your arrangements if there are any.

All in all, what do you think? There are a couple of points to consider. The best would be to plan your vacation ahead of time. Always double-check to make sure the arrangements you made to accommodate you are being done. Moreover, you should research to find the most suitable city to visit, as well as things to do.

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