Preparing You and Your Partner For Those Mid-Life Body Changes

Preparing You and Your Partner For Those Mid-Life Body Changes

Preparing You and Your Partner For Those Mid-Life Body Changes

One day you’re feeling fit as a fiddle and could run a marathon if someone dared you, but all of a sudden your body changes. We don’t mean to scare you, but inevitably you’ll reach a point (typically in your 40s) where you don’t feel as young and nimble as you used to be.

Of course, you should always consult a doctor before making any serious health decisions and seek attention right away. Whether the changes are beginning to happen now or if they won’t happen for a few more years, read these tips on how to prepare for them and even prevent some of it.

The Face

Starting from the top, the most obvious sign of ageing is hair and skin changes. Your hair discolours, skin wrinkles, teeth get weaker and for some people, they have hair loss. There is tons of advice on the internet and other places, where you can do things which will make these changes more bearable. However, something which applies to both men and women and is hardly ever talked about is the deterioration of your eyesight. Getting regular eye check-ups at your opticians is vital to maintaining good eyesight. Not only does it stop it from getting significantly worse but can identify more serious, underlying problems.

The Hormones

Men, listen up because this one affects you too! It is joked around how testosterone drives a man during his 20’s and 30’s. Fueling their energy, ambition, strength and sex drive. As men age, this can drop and subsequently, they experience unwanted body changes such as weight gain, depression, drop in libido, and so on. This sucks, but unfortunately is part of life. Make sure to regularly go to the doctors and have check-ups. You could prevent or slow down any degenerative diseases like diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis by catching it early. They may also tell you to increase your calcium intake. Do a bit of research into reviews of AlgaeCal Plus to find a supplement which will increase your bone strength. By doing this, it helps fight the decline of ageing. In regards to women’s hormones, it doesn’t get much better, which we’ll talk about next.

The Private Area

For women, the biggest change is probably going to be the arrival of your menopause. Drumroll please, this brings good news and bad news. The good news is that your periods are pretty much gone, which is awesome. However, the bad news is that it can bring a lot of nasty symptoms along with it; hot flushes, irritability, body aches and vaginal dryness are among these bodily changes. For guys, sex can change significantly in ways like impaired erections, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and fatigue. This makes men lose confidence and feel emasculated. When this happens, there are ways to treat this for both you and your partner. Also, check out some anti-ageing exercises you can do while you’re still young; from reaction training to squats, high-impact activities to cardio, slap ageing in the face!


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