Social Fitness: The Boost You Need To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Social Fitness: The Boost You Need To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Social Fitness: The Boost You Need To Reach Your Fitness Goals

When you decide to get serious about fitness, you probably imagine yourself doing something like the above.

In fairness, there’s no doubt that lifting weights and jogging can be hugely beneficial to your fitness– but they also have something perturbing in common: they’re all performed alone.

Fitness can often seem like quite a lonely activity. You go to the gym alone, you work out alone, you monitor your progress alone– this kind of fitness isn’t the most social of activities. In some ways, that’s fine: you’re looking to improve your health and how your body looks, not make friends. Yet in other ways, it can actually be detrimental to your fitness efforts to spend too much time alone.

The downsides of working out alone

When you workout alone, you deny yourself a human connection. That means you don’t have a support network; you have no one to turn to when you have a bad day, and there’s no one to gee you up on days you’re just not in the mood to work out. You’re relying solely on yourself, your willpower, and your determination– and sometimes, those factors just aren’t going to be enough.

However, if you give your fitness a social edge, then you’ll always have the support system that anyone on a mission to get fit needs. You’ll always have someone around to motivate you, to convince you to keep going, and to celebrate the victories with.

Finding sociability

Given the importance of an effective support network, making the decision to move away from lonely workouts is a great idea– but how can you do it?

First, you need to determine the kind of change you’re looking to make with your fitness, and then find a social way to match that change with an activity. Here are a few options you might want to consider:

Your Goal: Improved cardiovascular fitness

If you’re a gym freak who considers the treadmill their friend, then your best choice is to join a track and field club. Whether you choose to sprint or try your hand at long distance, being part of a club will provide you with the connection you need while ensuring you can meet your cardiovascular fitness goals. It’s definitely worth a try, and you may love it, absorbing a world of constant washing of track and field uniforms and friendly competition into your life.

Your goal: Gain muscle

If you are trying to improve your physique, then you have a few options as to what kind of social fitness might work for you. You should be able to find weight lifting clubs if you want to keep it simple, but you may also want to broaden your mind. Pilates, for example, tends to be done as social classes, and the activity can be surprisingly beneficial for helping you tone and strengthen your muscles.

In conclusion

The benefits of giving your fitness a social aspect cannot be overlooked. Whether you try one of the suggestions above, or find your own club or team to join, you’ll no doubt love the benefits that social fitness can bring to your own regime.


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