Tips to Bath Your Dog Quicker and Easier

Tips to Bath Your Dog Quicker and Easier

Tips to Bath Your Dog Quicker and Easier

Veterinary dermatologists now say that it is totally fine to bath your dog once a week and it is highly effective to reduce allergies, skin infections and reduce scratching and itching. Every dog owner sure knows how to bath a dog. However, here are some tips to bath your dog faster and easier to all the dog owners out there.


Normal shampoo is designed for people. Therefore, the pH value of such shampoos is different from that of a dog. So, ask your veterinarian to recommend products that works best on your dog. Make sure you take into account any skin problems if there are any.

Brush Your Dog, Stop Tears and Ears

Brushing helps shampoo to get in properly and cut out any mats before the bath. Get some bland eye ointment from your veterinarian to apply on your dog before the bath. Also put a small piece of cotton in both ears to stop water from going in.

Stock Everything You Need

It will be frustrating to realize you don’t have something you need after you start bathing your dog. So, get all your supplies like shampoo and towels before you bring your dog in. this will ensure that you have all the necessary products within your reach.

Block the Drain

Make sure you block the drain using a piece of steel wool to catch all the dog hair. This will make it way easier for you to clean up after you bath your pet.

Warm the Water

Fill the tub before you bring in your dog if your dog is not an enthusiastic bather. Also put a non-skid rubber mat or a towel for your dog to stand in without slipping.

It’s Time to Bath

After you prepare everything, it’s now time to start bathing. If your dog enjoys bathing, you won’t have any problem taking him to the bathroom. However, if your dog doesn’t like bathing, you will have to use a leash, a good cheer and treats to lead him to the bathroom. Never yell at your dog because that won’t help in the process. Wet your dog completely and start shampooing from the neck to the body, tail and toes. Keep praising your dog throughout the process.

Make sure to empty your dog’s anal glands to prevent the glands from becoming impacted. You can learn how to do that from your veterinarian. After you thoroughly shampoo your dog, you can start rinsing. Rinse more with fresh water from the tap. You have to get all the shampoo washed away and that will keep your dog clean for longer and minimize flaking.

Dry Your Dog Properly

Never let your dog outside until he’s completely dry. Throw a towel over him and use another to dry his face, ears and feet. You can also use a dog hairdryer to speed things. These dryers allow you to control the noise and also the temperature.

Every dog is different and you may already have your own way of bathing your dog. So, consider these tips and try and make the bath time fun for your dog.



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