What Should You Know Before Cupping Therapy?

What Should You Know Before Cupping Therapy?

What Should You Know Before Cupping Therapy?

If you’re thinking about getting cupping done, you should as it’s very beneficial. That being said, you need to know a few things before you pay your therapist a visit. In this article, we’ll be running through what these things are, so read ahead.

Find the Best Therapist

Think about cupping as inverse massages. You need to be skilled to perform them, especially if you’re visiting a naturopath. This is why you should do your research before you invest in a therapist.

Although checking online for the best cupping services around Melbourne would work, your best bet would be to ask the people in your life about any therapist they’ve been to. This would allow you to get the most trustworthy reviews.

The Bruising Lasts

Everyone knows about the bruising cupping gives. This is why it’s pretty famous. Not only does it bruise you, the bruising can get pretty bad. Depending on how healthy your skin is, the mark can turn a dark red or even blue.

The bruising won’t go away. It’ll last at least 2 days or even a couple of weeks. This is why you should schedule the session according to any future plans you may have. After all, you don’t want to be at the beach with giant red marks covering your back, now do you?

Cupping Doesn’t Hurt

Cupping does not hurt. Throughout the session, you’ll feel the areas that the cups are on tingling. It’s not normal at all for it to hurt, so don’t worry.

That being said, depending on who you work with, what you feel may differ. If you decided to work with someone who’s not that great, you might feel a bit of pressure on the areas that are being worked on, but either way, there would be no pain.

You’ll Feel Weird

Cupping is inverse massaging, as mentioned. It gives way for some deep tissue treatment, which would leave you very relaxed. If you suffered from tight muscles, you’ll no longer have to deal with knots. This is great and all, but depending on what you have to do the next day, this might suck.

There’s no way you could hit the gym. Your body would be too mellow to lift anything heavy. And if you manage to do this, you could hurt yourself.

As you’re so relaxed, you’ll feel very lethargic. This makes cupping great if you deal with stress, but being lethargic isn’t the best if you have a busy day ahead of you.

You Need To Drink Water

It’s vital that you drink as much water after your session as you can. The cupping would’ve caused blood to flow to increase. If you didn’t know, this was done to flush any toxins out of your body. To let the toxins leave as best as possible, you’ll drink a lot of water the day after your appointment.

As you see, multiple things have to be kept in mind before your visit to a cupping session. So, keep everything we discussed in mind.


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