Where Do Budding Photographers Begin? Some Advice

Where Do Budding Photographers Begin? Some Advice

Where Do Budding Photographers Begin? Some Advice

Many people see photography as an outgrowth of personality. It’s an expression of emotion and not something that can be taught. They might be right. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a process by which that talent can be drawn out.

If you want to become a great photographer, are there any ways you can fast-track your success? Check out the following.


Binge On Information

You might think that you need to spend 10,000 hours doing something before you can be truly considered an expert. But that’s only if you want to be considered an expert among other experts. Nobody else will be able to tell.



Often you only have to read two or three books on a subject to come across as really knowing what you’re talking about. But is learning about photography all that helpful? Yes, actually. Even though photography is all about expressively capturing the moment, there are ways you can consciously improve your work. Learning about how to compose your work is important, and not immediately apparent to those who are untrained.

You don’t just have to work your ways through a heavy textbook either. You can read listen to interviews, flick through magazines and even go to seminars. Find related resources on this page.


Understand Aperture

If you understand aperture, you’ll be able to produce some beautiful photographs. It basically all comes down to the size of the physical opening within the lens that allows light to come through. The wider your aperture, the more light can get through the lens. Good cameras allow you to change the width of the aperture. And this in turn allows you to customise your shots for various situations.

A wide aperture tends to be great for taking portraits. The image in the foreground, usually a person, appears crisp and sharp. The background, however, is blurred out and doesn’t detract from the focus of the photograph. Wide apertures tend to have a shallower depth of field. Narrow apertures have the opposite effect.


Do Tutorials

You might have great creative talent. But without the right technique, it will all count for nought. Many people enjoy watching tutorial videos. But like anything, there is no substitute for doing.

Next time you watch a tutorial video, make sure that you follow along with the tutorial yourself. Pick up your camera and practice the techniques. Once you’ve learned some basics, you’ll be amazed at just how improved your work looks.


Surround Yourself With Better Photographers

Have you ever wondered why the greatest talent always seems to cluster in one area? Why are the best programmers all from Silicon Valley? Why are all the best long-distance runners from Ethiopia? Why were all the best Renaissance artists from Italy?



The answer is that talent breeds talent. Being in a community of people with exceptional photography skills raises your game. You’ll start to mirror their habits and become a vastly improved photographer yourself. There are all sorts of internet communities you can become a part of too. And don’t forget to post your work.


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